For the Love of Bees – A City Bee Collaboration 2016–2018, is an artwork by Sarah Smuts-Kennedy commissioned by the Auckland Design Office at Auckland Council.

This page will publish news and updates.

For the Love of Bees is a social sculpture that encourages Aucklanders to work collectively to make Auckland the safest city in the world for bees.

The sculpture is an organisational framework that enables you to develop new projects (or join existing ones) that will bring bees and other pollinators back into the heart of our city.

There will be opportunities for biological and scientific innovators, economic developers, community sharers, environmental awareness people and tourists. There will be formal and informal activities, learning, events and networking, all within the central city community.

Everyone can make a difference – let us know how we can help you bee-come a collaborator.

For the Love of Bees evolved from another work of social sculpture, The Park 2014/2015, I made in collaboration with Taarati Taiaroa.